I appreciate the YBDXPI Club and am honored to be a member with so many DX’ers! Indonesia has so many skilled ham radio operators! Thanks to Budi YE1AR for all his hard work for the club and my thanks to YE9BJM the sponsors of these awards. When I got my YE callsign the end of August 2023, my goal was to work 200 DXCC entities in 2023. I was successful but it took a few weeks to get the last few LoTW confirmations so I could not claim them until January this year (2024). With a goal set, you are compelled to spend a lot more time on the air. Most of my time was spent “listening” to all the spots I got from the Clusters and Skimmers. The ones I could hear I worked! When you are working a pile up, your three most valuable skills are patience, courtesy, and listening to the DX station continually. If you are transmitting at the same time as the DX station is transmitting…he will not hear you. If you are not being courteous, it’s a good chance he will ignore you. DX code of ethics is your key. de YE1GXQ

“Keep High Spirit For New Entity”

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