Started as a member of one of radio communication organization, I communicated every day. But in the end, I get bored and ask myself on what I’m looking for. What target do I want to achieve? Communications weren’t recorded at the time, but YB7YGR provided me with views and literature to read on regardless, and I was very interested in its contents. On January the 30th 2023, I decided to take part in UNAR outside the city alone. Something unexpected happened as YB7YGR provided great support by following me to Samarinda to cheer me up at that time. He departed from Balikpapan at 3:00 am. It’s unbelievable! In the end, I did not disappoint him by giving him a very satisfactory score. If I ought to compare it in college terms, it feels like I have achieved cum laude :). I was continuously introduced to HF, and this is where my interest grew. YB7YGR insisted me to take part in the DX Contest. But I said that it’s still too early, but he kept encouraging me that I could do it. I was then introduced to FT8 and finally was able to get 100 entities on April 2023. He also introduced me to YBDXPI. And there I said yes, this club is my passion that I’ve been looking for so long such this club. There is a target and a mission there, where they put a focus in the performance of their members. The class is quite different from an organizational standpoint, instead it focuses more on performance.

I have to give many thanks to YB7YGR and YB7YDB who guided me so far , also thanks to, YB7URE, YC7VOB, YB7VAD, YC7VNX and Special Thanks to YE1AR who accepted me as a member and also guided me and gave me encouragement to find a new entity. I like YBDXPI and all of you.

YD7UFI, 73

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