Appreciate Your Hobbies As You Are Proud To Be a Amateur Radio

Personal appraisal, having hobbies is very fun. One of them is, radio communication.

Love communication radio, not necessarily a member of Amateurs Radio. There is a process that must go through. This can be in the form of a proficiency test, as well as administrative requirements from an institution or organization that is recognized by the government. This is because there is a law regulating the use of radio frequency.

A person who is declared a member of a Amateurs Radio, they are very proud of that. Many of them put forward their obligations before asking for their rights. One of them is paying a license to use radio frequency to the state and membership fees in radio organizations.

Many of them (Amateurs Radio), really appreciate his hobby. Starting from how to communicate properly and correctly, and also following activities that match their interests. Some of them form small groups which have the same goal of being dedicated members of Amateurs Radio.

The YBDXPI (YBLand DXing Passion Is) club or community, one of the small groups. Its members have the same striving positively, to get an award in the form of the DX Century Club (DXCC) from The American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

YBDXPI members who are proud of Amateurs Radio, know very well how to appreciate their hobby. Many of them, received various kinds of awards from within and outside the country. They also get various forms of activity certificates. Where later, it can be used as a measure of his achievement from all his efforts.

The benefits you get as a member, unlimited knowledge of radio communication. Because the knowledge is not only from the mentors, but also from other members who are more experienced.

If you have registered as a YBDXPI member, you will immediately get a membership award with a very attractive design. The call sign of your pride as a radio amateur is printed nicely on the certificate. Of course, very good and suitable for display with a frame at house.

Interested in becoming a member? Please click picture below:

Join Member YBDXPI

If you wish, please help to share with the WAG or social media accounts you have. Representing YBDXPI, I would like to thank you very much for your help and only GOD will reward you all. -fys-

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