WRTC Organizing Committee is proud to announce a 2023 edition of WRTC 2023 AWARD!

This is NOT WRTC 2022 Contest that will be held in Bologna in July 2023!

This is a WRTC 2023 AWARD for anybody who wants to have fun in radio chasing and looking for WRTC Special event stations all over the world and promoting the real WRTC 2022 event.

In 2022 we had a very long and productive 6 month editon of WRTC 2022 AWARD, with more than 1,5 milion qso’s. Thanks to all of you who had this opportunity and had his beautiful 2022 Award!

This time, in January 2023, only one month, WRTC 2023 AWARD will start again. Are you ready?

NEW YEAR, NEW RULES, MORE STATIONS, CONCENTRATED IN ONE MONTH. We are sure that you will have fun looking for all these stations on all bands and modes, earn your Award and participate to the ranking. It will be amazing!

1) Not only italians but more than 30 callsigns from all over the world will be Special Event Stations (SES) making the Award more fair and attractive. (check in the Award rules)

2) According to WRTC 2022 event itself, the activity will be only on WRTC frequencies and modes: SSB and CW on 10,15,20,40 and 80m.

You can imagine what kind of effort is this. We have registered around 400 activators for at least 44 special callsigns in Hamaward platform, since now, and it is not ended yet. You willl be able to follow each SES log in real time on qrz.com page. That makes easy, fast and attractive this Award. As far as we know there never have been such a big event in radio, for so long time including so many Special Callsigns, and operators. Wouldn’t you be part of it? It’s your time now.

Now the only thing that is missing is an incredible number of qso! This is up to you!

As in 2022 we will have a unique shared log that collects all qso’s made all over the world so numbers will go higher and higher hour by hour depending on you.

A lot of brilliant Awards will be available, by bands, by modes and mixed. Check closely the rules!

So headset on and start looking for WRTC Special Event Stations around the world beginning January 2023 the 1st!

73 de Carlo IK1HJS
WRTC 2023 AWARD Staff


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